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General Rules

All campers are expected to sign a waiver (available here) upon arrival.

While at Shadow Falls, you are a guest on Private Property. We want you to enjoy your stay in our little piece of heaven and we ask that you respect your fellow campers and the following rules at all times while you're here. The owner or his designate retains the right to ask any guest to leave the property for any reason.

The Campground is CLOTHING OPTIONAL but we kindly request that nudity be restricted to the main and Upper Campground area only. No nudity around the lower washroom building, lower gazebo, lower lawn, private residence, or lower falls.

While we have endeavoured to provide limited services, our surroundings are for the most part a wild and natural environment and you should be aware of hazards. Stay clear of cliff or rock faces. When in the vicinity of the creek and lower or upper falls beware of extremely slippery rock surfaces.

If you're planning on hiking please let someone know the direction you're headed and when you expect to be back. Always plan to be back to Main Camp by dusk.

  • All campers and guests must be at least 19 years of age.
  • Pets on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your pet.
  • Quiet time 11:00pm - 8:00am except designated event weekends.
  • Lower Campground gate closed to vehicles at 10:00pm.
  • No nudity below the main camping level.
  • No tree/wood cutting. Firewood is available.
  • No fires outside of Fire Pits. Observe campfire bans & regulations in season.
  • Please help us protect this environment by recycling in the containers provided.
  • Trash should be placed in the containers provided.
  • Please help us keep the washrooms clean. No dish washing in sink.

Management cannot be held responsible for loss or injury howsoever caused. A waiver must be signed by each camper. A copy is available here for your inspection and/or pre-arrival completion. Additional copies will be available on arrival.

Dog Policy

The purpose of this policy is to make clear the rights and responsibilities of campers with regards to dogs, both for those who decide to bring dogs and for those who must interact with other people’s dogs.

    Dog Owners:
  • In the main camping area (the tenting and R.V. sites, the clubhouse area, and the central green space), dogs must be on a leash or confined in some other way at all times WITHOUT EXCEPTION.
  • The central green space and the grass in front of the clubhouse are not intended to be used for dog play.
  • Clean up after your dogs.
  • Dogs may be allowed off of leashes in the areas outside of the main camping area (such as the trails above the campground or across the creek) at the discretion of the dog’s owner. Please clean up after your dog if it is immediately on the trails.
  • Never bring dogs down to the owner’s lower yard other than along the driveway as you continue down to the road.
  • If a dog is being disruptive to the other campers and cannot be controlled by the owner, the owner may be asked to remove the dog from the property.
  • Non-Dog Owners:
  • If a dog is not on a leash and is making you uncomfortable, either inform one of the Shadowfalls staff of the situation, or politely remind the owner of this policy.

Please keep in mind that many campers are either uncomfortable around dogs or dislike dogs. We have had several conflicts between campers regarding dogs and we are constantly faced with the problem of cleaning up the feces of self- proclaimed “conscientious dog owners”. As a result, we have struggled with the dog issue since the campground’s inception. There have been times when the solution seemed to be the complete prohibition of dogs in the campground. We have taken great efforts to avoid this measure, but without the complete cooperation of dog owners we will be forced to take this route. This establishment is designed to cater to the gay community, not to the dog community. That being said, we don’t wish to discourage dog owners from attending our establishment given that they feel they can do so without disruption to the campground as a whole.