Shadow Falls is primarily the result of the efforts of a very few people. Below is a brief description of these individuals.
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Rumour has it, he isn't even gay and he's got a few kids floating around. But who of us hasn't experimented (it was probably just a phase). This handsome fellow is the owner of the joint. You'll be able to spot him by his trademark green shirt (they're all green, that's the trademark) and the sound of his heavy equipment. Little known fact is that nearly everything on the property (ex. buildings, infrastructure, landscaping) was and will be built by him. He's owned and lived on the property since...well let's not be mean and just say "a long time".


One time pizza delivery boy, "the kid" is in charge of tech-support, tour guiding, dj-ing duties, going and getting things, chauffering, declining alcoholic beverages and sexual advances--most of the time. Whatever you need, he can probably direct you towards someone who might be able to tell you who can help you.
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Jay has been voluntering his summers to be our gracious host(ess) with the most(ess) for 9 years now. His duties include chasing away bears and making sure they head right into his trailer, providing and inspiring laughter, displaying artificial-garden accessories, playing with his latest gadgets, and making sure you know where you are and where you're supposed to (or not supposed to) be. He also takes care of all your Shadow Falls shopping needs and can probably get you a really good deal.